Thursday, 9 August 2012

Massive Uni Camera Project

So, look what James and I came across at Uni (!!!!)
Apparently this camera has been around the uni for 10 years and no one ever bothered to see what they could do with it. We have asked around the photography department and no one seems to even know how it got here. Its completely weird but completely amazing that we have the chance to use such a camera. Id say there are only a few of these sorts of cameras left in the world and even less in Australia.

So we have started out basically, shooting paper negatives. The exposures were just over a minute- hence some of the blur, as it is so hard to keep still for this time. The three below (james, tobias and myself) are paper negs printed as positives in the darkroom. 

The detail is amazing. We are so lucky that the lens is still in good condition.

Then over the weekend we just happened to be given some sheet film that fits the camera perfectly (got to love coincidences!) and we have started shooting with that- the cyanotype below was made from the sheet film- even more detail than the paper negs. The film is great as it only takes approx 30sec for an exposure.

 (Sorry about the bad pictures, as the prints are so big we cant scan them- so i just used my hand held camera to get a snap shot. )

Cant wait to create some more, but the questions now is, what can we do with this camera??
Its so large and heavy that it cant really be moved from this spot, so some sort of still life/portrait work. The camera is set up for glass plates so this is also a possibility!
Very exciting work. But once again, nothing to do with my honours project...