Monday, 22 August 2011

Kallitype Process

-kallitype solution
-sized paper (egg or gelatin) 
-citric acid
-sodium thiosulfate
-sodium sulfite
-glass rod or hake brush
-sticky tape
-negative film
Black (Hall's)
150g sodium acetate,1.5g tartaric acid,1000ml distilled water 
200g soduim citrate,1000ml distilled water


step1: Tape the pre sized paper to a work table

Step2: Mark out film position on the paper.

Step3: Coat paper with Kallitype solution using a glass rod or hake brush.

Step4: Dry the Kallitype solution and tape down the negative over the dry Kallitype.
Step5: Expose Kallitype in a UV unit 

Step6: Then develop.

Note:The kallitype process Develop out Process (D.O.P) so you need to do a teststrip in a UV Box 

Process baths

Bath 1: develop, use a developer listed above ( 8mins)
Bath 2: clearing,1%citric acid and distilled water ( 4 mins)

Bath 3: fixer, 5%sodium thiosulfate and distilled water  (2 mins) 

Bath 4:  clearing, 1%sodium sulfite and tap water (2 mins) OPTIONAL

Bath 5: wash,running water (30mins)



Note : to reduce fading in the fixer ,add 2g sodium carbonate or bi carb to every 1000ml of fix.The Sodium sulfite bath will remove sodium thiosulfate fix faster then just water but a long wash is just as good. The Sodium Thiosulfate if left in the paper can fade the print over time.

This test was exposed until the image appear a as normal (POP) then it was developed in a bath of 5% rock salt and distilled water

This test was exposed until the image appear a as normal (POP) then it was developed in a bath of 1% citric acid and distilled water

This test is a normal sepia kallitype but the paper was damp with water when the kallitype was exposed 

A normal black (hall's) kallitype but it wasn't put in the citric acid clearing bath

A normal black (hall's) kallitype 
A normal sepia Kallitype

A Kallitype developed in a 4% citric acid bath

A normal black (hall's) Kallitype but the developer had chromate in it to increase the contrasts

normal sepia Kallitype but it was fist placed in the clearing bath of 1% citric acid for the same amount of time as the developer bath

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