Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Gelatin Sizing

-distilled water
-5% formaldehyde

note: Food grade gelatin will work but photo grade gelatin is better. Formaldehyde is reusable the amount needed is just enough in a bath to cover the paper completely.

premix gelatin:(3% gelatin mix) Heat up 1000ml of distilled water to no more then 40c, Mix in 30g of gelatin and allow to sit overnight or until the gelatin crystals have dissolved completely. 

step 1: Select the paper you would like to use. Thick paper handles better thin paper which can fold or rip when it is wet.The smoother the paper the flatter and closer the negative will sit to the light sensitive emulation this will make the image sharper.

step 2: Stretch the paper by place it in a bath of hot water for 20-30mins then hang out to dry.

step 3: Reheat the gelatin mixture slowly in it's container in a bath of hot water (not boiling hot water) until the gelatin turns into a liquid state ( don't let the gelatin exceed 40c or it won't set again). Place the liquid gelatin into bath which is sitting in a bigger bath of hot water to keep the gelatin warm. Now the gelatin is ready for sizing. 

step 4: Place the paper into the gelatin bath for 20-30mins.Then remove the paper from the bath and squeegee the excess gelatin off the paper then hang it out to dry.

step 5: Place the dry gelatin coat paper into a bath of 5% formaldehyde for 20-30mins.

step 6: Remove the paper from the formaldehyde and place into a running water wash bath for 30-60mins
Then hang to out to dry and when the paper is completely dry it ready to use.

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