Saturday, 30 July 2011

People of Inspiration 2

Simryn Gill
Simryn Gill would have to be one of my favourite artists.Her photographs are beautiful and are same time are little bazare. Some of Gill's early photos were of ran down building in Malayisa which instantly remind me of live in northern Australia. I have had the chance to she some her work in person its beautiful made as well as just great to look at and her concepts are well thought out. when one of her exhibitions was in adelaide i went back and saw it two or three time for a hour or so     
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Stephen Dupont
Stephen Dupont probably my favourite photojournalist because his work in unique and interesting. His photographs aren't just documents they're piece of art. The series Rascal is my favourite series by any artist and is one the things that made me want become a photojournalist myself and made me study photography thought. I ve decided to just do art photography I still love Dupont photographs

Philip Blenkinsop

Takashi Arai

Takashi Arai takes daguerreotype photographs and is one of the only daguerreotypist in Japan. his series flawless lakes is amazing and his series portraits on mirror is pretty good to .he all soon has a video on how to make daguerreotypes.  

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