Saturday, 16 July 2011

People of Inspiration

Mike and Doug Starn
The Attracted to light is one of the most clever ideas I have across.

Monika Fabijanczyk
All of Monika's wet plate landscapes very beautiful images and are timeless. The plates themselves have a beautiful rawness to them while still producing a clear image.

Ricky Maynard
All Ricky Maynard works to me is good from Pictures from a distant land and No more than you see through his last work Returning to places that name us. These works for me are quite powerful as well as  
just beautiful images. I had the chance to see Returning to places that name us in Art+Soul at NSW Art Gallery in Sydney and I think if series came to Adelaide I would see it again.
View Image

Rocky Schenck
This image by Rocky Schenck has given me an idea for a series that I want make in the future.I have heard that he creates these soft dream like images by putting tracing paper over his prints when he exposing it under an enlarger. I would like try to get a similar result by using Calotype negative. All Rocky's work is extremely good and I hope one day I will get to see sometime in the real world.

Melvyn Bishop
Melvyn Bishop is the first professional Aboriginal photographer and during career he has taken many great and historic photos of Lionel Rose to Prime Minister Gough Whitlam Pours Soil Into The Hand Of Traditional Land Owner Vincent Linginari, but I think this photo is many favourite may because i know it was shot on a box brownie or just cause it a great photo.
An image of Cousins, Ralph and Jim, Brewarrina

Sally Man
I have never really warmed to Sally Mann's photographs but have to say her series deep south is amazing. I love photos like this one that looks beautiful on face valve but tell a true dark story about the past.     

Untitled, 1996

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