Saturday, 16 July 2011

Technical Links

Mike Ware
The Man !!! I think it is safe to say Mike Ware is a genius. He has redeveloped many of the old alternative photographic processes which has given them new life.I have tried two of his processes New Cyanotype and Argyrotype. New cyanotype has a longer shelf life aswell as having larger tonal range then it older formula. Argyrotype is probably the best UV process I have used to date, It has a great tonal range and you don't need to buy expensive toner to great tones in your images.

Christopher James
Christopher's book Alternative Photographic Process has some what become my alternative processes bible. For me it is a great reference point when I start to learn a new process, but it doesn't always have the answers when a problem comes up.When a problem does rear it ugly head and Christopher's book can't solve the problem I think that when the fun really begins.
This website is a great online resource for anyone starting or looking at new processes or trying to solve problems or just experimenting with new things.

handmade photgraphica
This blog has great handy tips for making glass plate and cyanotype at home.

Heavy Arts
Heavy Arts is a great website by Alex Bishop-Thorpe with lots of techical advice aswell as nice photos.

the Centre for Alternative Photography online journal

The Lightfarm


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